Monday, July 1, 2013

What We Learned About Today: Canada!

© Holly DeWolf

Today we focused on the fine country we live in and it's birthday! Sadly it rained for the majority of the long weekend. The sun did came out for a short while so we took advantage of it and got out of the house. We attempted to watch fireworks tonight but ended up getting soaked instead. It was a damp holiday! 

Quicks facts-What my girls learned about Canada:

• Today is Canada's 147th birthday! 
• Population estimate is 35,141,542. 
 St John’s Newfoundland is the oldest English-founded settlement on the North American continent and the oldest city in Canada. 
• Cool Canadians: William Shatner, Donald Sutherland, The Strombo, Feist, Margaret Atwood, Mr. Dressup, Astronaut Chris Hadfield, Terry Fox, John Candy...
• The beaver is our national animal! 
• We have 10 provinces and 3 territories. 
• Cool Canadian inventions: insulin. snow blower, Plexiglas, Trivial Pursuit, 5 pin bowling, NASA Canada arm...  
• The Stanley Cup has its own bodyguard!
• Canada has its own mysterious lake creature, Ogopogo, who reportedly lives in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia. 

© Reagen DeWolf- Oh Canada! 

© Hannah DeWolf- I love Canada! 

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