Friday, April 25, 2014

Visual Word Of The Week: Compose

This week's visual word challenge is the word 'compose.' 

When I think of this word, I think of gathering my thoughts. It feels like a break or much needed downtown. Tea also comes to mind. Even in pj's with your hair up, you can still get all dainty with a good cup of Earl Grey! 

Next challenge word will posted on twitter & Facebook on Monday! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Creativity is my copilot.

Let creativity be your guide!
© Holly DeWolf- Creativity is my copilot! 

Let creativity be your guide. 

Twyla Tharp is great thinker when it comes to creativity. In her book, The Creative Habit she has this to say:    

“When I walk into [the studio] I am alone, but I am alone with my body, ambition, ideas, passions, needs, memories, goals, prejudices, distractions, fears. 

These ten items are at the heart of who I am. Whatever I am going to create will be a reflection of how these have shaped my life, and how I've learned to channel my experiences into them.

The last two -- distractions and fears -- are the dangerous ones. They're the habitual demons that invade the launch of any project. No one starts a creative endeavor without a certain amount of fear; the key is to learn how to keep free-floating fears from paralyzing you before you've begun. When I feel that sense of dread, I try to make it as specific as possible. Let me tell you my five big fears:

1. People will laugh at me.
2. Someone has done it before.
3. I have nothing to say. 
4. I will upset someone I love. 
5. Once executed, the idea will never be as good as it is in my mind.

There are mighty demons, but they're hardly unique to me. You probably share some. If I let them, they'll shut down my impulses ('No, you can't do that') and perhaps turn off the spigots of creativity altogether. So I combat my fears with a staring-down ritual, like a boxer looking his opponent right in the eye before a bout.

1. People will laugh at me? Not the people I respect; they haven't yet, and they're not going to start now....

2. Someone has done it before? Honey, it's all been done before. Nothing's original. Not Homer or Shakespeare and certainly not you. Get over yourself.

3. I have nothing to say? An irrelevant fear. We all have something to say.
4. I will upset someone I love? A serious worry that is not easily exorcised or stared down because you never know how loved ones will respond to your creation. The best you can do is remind yourself that you're a good person with good intentions. You're trying to create unity, not discord.

5. Once executed, the idea will never be as good as it is in my mind? Toughen up. Leon Battista Alberti, the 15th century architectural theorist, said, 'Errors accumulate in the sketch and compound in the model.' But better an imperfect dome in Florence than cathedrals in the clouds.” 
― Twyla TharpThe Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fish Go Blub!

"Mum, you should illustrate that!" 

My kids ask me to draw things all the time so I started a list. The first idea at the top was a fish. But not just any fish, this one was from a song that caught every one's attention last year-What Does the Fox Say by Ylvis. 

I decided to take it up a notch by adding a fancy crown. So, feel free and make a wish on this very fancy fish! Blub!  

Friday, April 18, 2014

Visual word of the week: chocolate!

Happy Easter! 

This week I went with an unplanned approach to this week's theme of 'Chocolate.' I started with cut paper for the edible looking clouds and then I decided to just go with it. I added gouache, a cute bunny and it became a totally enjoyable experience. 

Not being in control of creativity and illustration can be very refreshing. I highly recommend it especially when it comes to chocolate and all things sweet. :) 

Friday, April 11, 2014

The visual word of the week: Bridge!

© Holly DeWolf- Bridge! 
This week's challenge was to illustrate the word "bridge." Naturally I gravitated towards metaphors and so connection and creativity became the focal point. 

Stay tuned for Monday's new challenge. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Make more creative mistakes!

So the lesson I learned is to make some art from a paint splat. No sense is wasting a good spots of blue!
The quote is just perfect... oops ... I mean, it works well with the image.

Happy creating!
- Holly

Monday, April 7, 2014

Visual word of the week: bridge!

This week's illustration challenge is the word 'Bridge.' 

Illustration to follow on Friday. 

~ a structure, a pathway, a time or place, a means of connection or transition, a change, a piece raising the strings of a musical instrument, part of a ship, a composition, a network...

And so this is Spring...

I think Spring arrived...maybe! 

April came in with a bang mixed with piles of snow, a blizzard and a huge ice storm. I am certain this wintery season has broken all records for most snow days ever. My kids did not mind but as for me, I now understand the term "cabin fever." 

So I've been sketching a lot, reading a lot and illustrating a lot! 

Right now I need ideas to flow, doodles and random ideas written down. I need flip flops, signs of grass, chirping birds, sand between my toes and a bbq hamburger with extra relish. 

Right now, I believe in Spring!