Friday, June 28, 2013

What We Learned About Today: The Aztecs!

© Holly DeWolf- The Aztecs

Today's learning and illustration theme is about the Aztecs. I decided to illustrate a sun stone idea in hopes that it may make some of this rain go away. Here's hoping!

On a side note- I thoroughly enjoyed illustrating this. It was so different to anything I have done since art school. I feel like I creatively stretched a bit today. 

What we learned about the Aztecs:
• They had a bad side and a good side!
• They had a ruthless killing reputation. Sacrifice was an ongoing ritual to please their God. 
• They loved chocolate!
• The had a very orderly and complex social system. 
• The had a love of art and poetry. 
• Aztec children went to school.
• The had slavery but surprisingly treated their slaves fairly. Some were allowed to marry, own land and some even had their own slaves!
• They played sport- Ullamaliztli. This game consisted of a rubber ball that opponents had to get through rings. The object of the game was to not let the ball touch the ground. 
• Many believe it was the Spanish that totally defeated them. However, due to the population dying off due to Small Pox, it made the battle easier for the Spanish. If it were not for this disease, they most likely could have defeated them. 
• The name Aztec is not an accurate term. They were given that name- they referred to themselves as Mexica.  
• Sadly, there is evidence of cannibalism. Some theories say they did this as a ritual and some believe they were protein deficient. 

© Hannah DeWolf- Aztec Boy

© Reagen DeWolf- Aztec Sport

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