Saturday, September 19, 2015


House Warming! ©Holly DeWolf 
Ahh, home sweet in progress home! 

What is a home? It's a place to sit, stretch out and relax in. It's a place where you can wear pj's in all day without judgement, it's a warm bath with tea and where the cookies are. Where I throw my junk is home. Sometimes it's really the cat's house - we just pay for everything. A home is where the office is. And sometimes home can be a person or people. 

A new home is a lot of work, a lot of unpacking mixed with dust and dirt. It's a time when new neighbours introduce themselves and in an instant, you forget their names. It involves new bus routes and rerouted mail. Your new house starts off looking like Stonehenge with towering boxes, clutter and piles of stuff you cannot believe you kept. Then slowly, everything finds a place even if it means putting it back into a box for storage. 

We will be having a housewarming soon. I decided to play up the occasion with an illustration card for the invite because we're getting into Fall. Interestingly though, this has been the hottest September here on record. Last time it was this warm was approximately a 100 years ago, so I read. 

It will be nice to do something a little different than unpacking for a change. Plus I get to break out some new Fall recipes I've been meaning to try. 

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