Monday, April 7, 2014

And so this is Spring...

I think Spring arrived...maybe! 

April came in with a bang mixed with piles of snow, a blizzard and a huge ice storm. I am certain this wintery season has broken all records for most snow days ever. My kids did not mind but as for me, I now understand the term "cabin fever." 

So I've been sketching a lot, reading a lot and illustrating a lot! 

Right now I need ideas to flow, doodles and random ideas written down. I need flip flops, signs of grass, chirping birds, sand between my toes and a bbq hamburger with extra relish. 

Right now, I believe in Spring!   


  1. The little worm sprouting up with the hat is a cute touch :)

  2. Thanks Tanya. I originally had the worm stuck in an ice cube mainly because when I sketched it we were having an ice storm. I'm happy to report everything is finally melting here. Cheers!