Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Groundhog, Skyhog & Seahog day too!

© Holly DeWolf- Happy Groundhog, Skyhog & Seahog day too! 

The word from the closest marmot winter burrow has reported an early spring. We are counting on you Shubenacadie Sam. As extra measure, I contacted the local Skyhog and Seahog too and they vouch for him 100%!  

To say this has been a hard winter here in the east coast of Canada is putting it rather politely. Between ice, winter storm after winter storm to no power over the holidays, I want to believe this cute cuddly little whistle-pig so very much! 

The only other marmot I can contact would be the elusive neighbourhood Hornhog. I'll post his findings in a few hours! Stay tuned! 

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