Friday, February 21, 2014

This Little Dot Went For A Walk!

This Little Dot Went For A Walk!
©Holly DeWolf
I've started doing some warm up doodles, sketches and little paintings to get my ideas going each day. I'm noticing this is making me come up with concepts quicker and quicker. It's a great method to throw ideas around and create an image to go with it. This kind of thinking goes back to my university days when we made verbal and visual narratives in a class I took (that also led to me to being an illustrator). It really is a great way to creatively stretch especially after having the flu and winter storms all hit you at once. Glad I got this this cute dot done. We are in for yet more messy weather this afternoon. 

Have a great creative weekend all. - Holly 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Oooh we belong together like traffic and weather!

© Holly DeWolf- We belong together like traffic and weather! 

© Holly DeWolf- illustration rough 

When I thought of doing a Valentines illustration the first thing that popped into my mind was the song by Fountains Of Wayne called Traffic and Weather. My bf sings this song often so it was definitely a good one to illustrate. Also, it was quite a fitting song because the weather today is a mix of snow, rain and freezing rain so school was cancelled.

Happy Valentines day!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Unicorn of the soil? Narwhal of the dirt?

©Holly DeWolf- Happy Hornhog Day! 

Continuing on with the hopeful Spring post from earlier-

For years my youngest daughter would wish us a Happy Hornhog Day. So, I finally got around to illustrating him. Turns out he is an elusive unicorn of the dirt or is he a narwhal of the soil? We are not quite sure. Either way, according to Hannah he is friendly and always grants an early Spring! So, Happy Hornhog Day everyone and happy early Spring too! 

Happy Groundhog, Skyhog & Seahog day too!

© Holly DeWolf- Happy Groundhog, Skyhog & Seahog day too! 

The word from the closest marmot winter burrow has reported an early spring. We are counting on you Shubenacadie Sam. As extra measure, I contacted the local Skyhog and Seahog too and they vouch for him 100%!  

To say this has been a hard winter here in the east coast of Canada is putting it rather politely. Between ice, winter storm after winter storm to no power over the holidays, I want to believe this cute cuddly little whistle-pig so very much! 

The only other marmot I can contact would be the elusive neighbourhood Hornhog. I'll post his findings in a few hours! Stay tuned!