Friday, August 15, 2014

What we learned about this week: El Chupacabra!

© Holly DeWolf

© Reagen DeWolf- vegetarian Chupacabra 

© Hannah DeWolf- Dancing Chupacabra 

This week we decided to learn about El Chupracabra! 

If you see a El Chupacabra, should you:
a. do a Mexican hat dance while playing the maracas
b. eat tacos (drink tequila) 
c. run 
d. all of the above

What we know from the research we found, these creatures are definitely not vegetarian. 

The mythological creature also know them as the goat sucker was first first sighted in the early 1990's. Eye witnesses claim they have spotted them in Mexico, Puerto Rico and all the way to Maine! These nasty customers have supposedly left a trail of destruction with livestock and other animals. 

Some believe he has wings and others claim the creature is from outer space. Others describe him as dog-like or a reptile-like creature that has sharp spines or quills down its back. This monster has been also called the big-foot of latin America. 

El Chupacabra in the media: 

• Marvel ComicsFantastic Four released 28 December 2007, a group of Chupacabras are featured as antagonists. 

• The X-files had an episode called El Mundo Gira featuring the mythical beast from Mexican folklore. 

• And the latest is, many have claimed to have caught them on camera and caught in one Texas

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