Thursday, June 27, 2013

What We Learned About Today: Zombies!

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Today the girls wanted to learn about Zombies. There was a lot of content-mostly stuff not fit for young eyes so we kept it light. We looked at the history and origins, popular culture, rock n roll and cartoons. Mostly, I wanted them to sleep and not have spooky nightmares.  

This is what we learned: 
• Without adequate amounts coffee, most adults feel like Zombies! 
• Originally, the term Zombie described a hypnotized person. This came from a voodoo thing with it's origins from Africa and then Haiti. 
The catatonic somnambulist is another spin off of the voodoo zombie which was featured in the classic film The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari. 
Thanks to George A. Romero, the concept of zombies were forever changed to the flesh eating horror fiction undead we know today!  
• For great Zombie collectibles, ThinkGeek has some dead goodies! 
Cute Zombies are a thing! 
Zombie Walks are becoming a regular event in most cities around the world. 
Rob Zombie makes the undead so Rock n Roll! 
• Classic Zombie films: Night Of The Living Dead, White Zombie, Shaun Of The Dead and ParaNorman.
• The Walking Dead is based off a comic book and has been scaring the pants off us for 4 seasons now. 
The Zombie Survival Guide was written by Max Brooks. 
• Recent Zombie film I have watched was Warm Bodies. Loved it! 
• Most recent zombie cartoon we have watched was Scooby-Doo! 
Zombie Haiku -Good Poetry for your brains! 

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