Sunday, June 23, 2013

What We Learned About Today-Cheese!

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School's out for another year.  So we decided to keep the learning going all summer long with a daily theme. What we learned about today was cheese. More importantly, the history of cheese. We read up on our latest theme, we illustrate pictures as fast as we can then I create a blog post about it. 

What we learned about cheese:

• Cheese first appeared somewhere around 7,000 B.C.
• The method of transforming milk was kept a closely-guarded secret for many years.
• In ancient Egypt, for example, only priests were privileged with this secret.
• The word “fromage”, French for cheese, comes from the Latin “forma”. 
• the Romans and the Greeks considered cheese a luxury food.
• European monks invented ripening and ageing techniques for cheese.
• In the 19th Century, a chemist and biologist named Louis Pasteur proved that heating milk at sufficiently high temperatures for a specific amount of time could destroy pathogenic bacteria.
• Canada was one of the first countries to apply the techniques of pasteurization.
• The United Kingdom is one of the biggest consumers of cheddar cheese.
• In Quebec, over two billion litres of milk are converted to cheese every year. 

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