Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Film Noir Pumpkin!

This year for Halloween I decided to do something a little more classic- Film Noir! I like classic Halloween movies from Hitchcock, Carnival Of Souls and other black and white gems. 

So first I needed to to do a quick sketch... while sketching and supervising my daughters pumpkin progress before I sliced and diced mine.

Next- Sharpie marker time to sketch it all out plus some help from my trusty melon baller, some paint,
frilly black fabric and some tweaking of a pumpkin like cigarette. Add Instagram to dolly up the pics and VOILA! Quite frankly, she is damn fine! 


If you get chance before November 1st stop by Anna Goodson Management's 
Pumpkin Carving contest - join in and vote for mine and all your favourites! 

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